Meet ET,
Your New Sales Robot.

Let's face it, you aren't reading this because you want another software tool.

What you really want, is to find new ways to save time and make money.
That's exactly what ET the Robot is going to do for you.

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He Texts

He'll text clients whenever you want, as much as you'd like and he'll get a 90% open rate.

He Follows Up

He'll email clients different personalized emails every few days until they reply.

He Never Forgets

He'll always do his job, no matter how far in advance you schedule texts & emails to go out.


He Finds New Opportunities

He'll prospect hundreds of contacts and follow up with all of them via text & email.

He Escapes Spam Traps

ET is a ninja and knows how to avoid the evil "promotions" folder & other spam traps.

He Books Deals!

He's your sales sidekick & his only goal is to help you grow your business, FAST!

Want To Hire ET?

He's Less Than Minimum Wage And He LOVES To Sell!

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